Customer Testimonials

I try something different pretty much every day. Whatever you put together no matter how crazy it is, it's always gonna be really good. And it's totally affordable... it's delicious. The customer service is great. It's real easy. It's gonna be a great company to watch grow.

     Phil Jabour
     Arizona State University (ASU)
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My niece just e-mailed me the address of your website. We had given her some gift certificates to Cereality for Christmas and she and her friends loved going there this weekend while visiting in Philadelphia. We had purchased several certificates for our various nieces and nephews in the Philadelphia and surrounding area — and it sounds like we chose the right gift.

     Theresa S.

I visited your Chicago location for the first time today. I have been stressed out, and a friend suggested we go to get some comfort food. After having some of my favorite childhood cereal and watching Schoolhouse Rock on TV, I walked out feeling much better. We plan on going back once a week until we try every combination!

     Chicago, IL

What a fantastic concept! I have always loved cereal and not just for breakfast. My earliest experiment w/ cereal was a as a kid putting Chocolate Snap cookies into my Corn Flakes. Even as adults, my husband and I still have kids cereal in the cupboard (for ourselves) along with our "adult good for you" cereals. Our 2 year old loves Cherrios, but has not branched out into the combination field as of yet.

     Patty F.
     Lakeland, FL

I read an article in the L.A. Times about the new store in Philadelphia and fell in love. I want to go there, I want to work there, I want one here. True love found in a bowl.

     Long Beach, CA

I go to Cereality just about every day. I love this place. The variety and selection is awesome and the prices are very reasonable.

     Brooke Steinbring

You guys rule! I was recently at your Philly store and it kicked so much a** it was unbelievable. You simply MUST open a store in the Pittsburgh area. The thought of having to drive 6 hours for the goodness of Cereality is not cool. Thanks very much for a great experience!

     Scott M.
     Pittsburgh, PA

My kids like cereal, and I like to do fun things with them. When I learned about Cereality, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to blend breakfast with fun.

I saw that your employees wear pajamas, so I told them that's how we would be dressed. I told them to get ready, we were going out for a surprise. The whole drive in, they tried to guess where we were headed. They couldn't guess, and I wouldn't tell them. Then, when they saw the store, they just about flipped. "WHAT?!?!?!? We can have cereal mixed with toppings???? Just like an ice cream sundae????"

They both went back for seconds...then they took home a box to go.

That weekend, was packed with fun things that they loved — a hike through the woods, a concert, and dinner with their cousins. But the one thing they kept talking about was the trip to Cereality. The smiles on their faces made it a highlight for me, too. It was a very fun way to start the day with my kids.

     Dan Citrenbaum
     Philadelphia, PA

A dream come true! Since I was five, I wished I could have a different cereal every morning. Now I can have all of them at the same time too!

     Benny Esparra

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